Orbital: San Francisco – Call for Artists

Orbital is a project that provides artists with the opportunity to display work in LEWIS offices world-wide!

Orbital means mobility over distance and geographical locations, the circulation and display of artworks in non-traditional spaces. The project avoids the use of exhibition and curation, as the spaces are not traditional exhibition spaces open to the public. Instead, terms such as display and placement and practices of spatial design are used to define the exact nature of the project.

The benefit for artists and institutions is a social one, both for the employees of LEWIS and the artists involved. Detailed information is provided on each artist so that staff and clients can access these individuals out of personal and professional interest.

The current opportunity is for selected works to be exhibited at the LEWIS office in San Francisco, CA, for a 12-month period.

Themes could include (but are not limited to) fantasy, whimsy, adventure, comedy, activism, speed racing, back-to-the-future, the Old West and collaboration.

Deadline: 31st August 2018

Fee: None

For more information, please visit the Orbital website here!

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