Collography (also spelt Collagraphy) is both an intaglio and relief printmaking technique. The term ‘Collography’ is derived from the Greek words ‘collo’ (meaning glue) and ‘graph’ (meaning the activity of drawing).

Collographs can be produced without a high amount of technical knowledge, making it the ideal starting point for beginners in printmaking. The creation of a Collograph plate is more akin to a sculpting process than anything else, whilst adding elements of mark-making and texture to help develop the plate. This method, both unpredictable and spontaneous, is a process where experimentation and curiosity awards the artist.

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Collography at Green Door

At Green Door we promote collography as a sustainable printmaking process for beginners and those interested in experimenting with mark-making and texture. The materials we use in collography are often recycled or found objects, making it a very simple and unrestrained process that is perfect for those looking to create small editions or unique prints (when combined with our colour techniques).

From the collage artist, who enjoys working with textures, to figurative artists, who would like to reproduce drawings with tones and marks. This technique offers the perfect introduction for those who wish to produce multiple prints.