The technique of using movable type was first introduced in the west in the 15th century by Johannes Gutenberg. The process developed over the centuries, notably in the industrial revolution, and creating a revolution itself in mass distribution of the printed word.

Letterpress is an enjoyable and rewarding print technique with an incredible 500 years of history behind it.

With the advent of modern offset lithography, the art of letterpress was almost consigned to the history books, until a relatively recent revival found artists and designers craving the tactile and hands-on characteristics of the process, which we enjoy today.

Did you know that the impression desired by letterpress enthusiasts today was frowned upon in the heyday of letterpress? The true printer spent years seeking to achieve a smooth, kiss impression!


Letterpress at The Smallprint Company

Until recently, Green Door Printmaking Studio shared our studio space with The Smallprint Company, a husband and wife team who have combined their love of typography and design to create beautiful bespoke and commissionable services using Letterpress. As well as being available for commissions, they also frequently run a number of interesting workshops where you can learn these skills for yourself.

You’ll find them a 5-minute walk from Banks Mill, on Friary Street in Derby. Visit their website for more details and pricing!