Photographic Etching




Photographic Etching is a process in which a positive image is transferred on to a prepared, metal plate and etched into the superstructure, thereby creating a negative composition on the plate, which can then be inked, wiped and printed in the traditional way. After the desired number of prints have been made, the metal plate can then be re-used to create new prints, if needed.

These processes are suitable for those with previous experience of etching or photography, as well as for those who wish to utilise photographs in a creative way. The process is also beneficial for those who wish to experiment with digital manipulation and composition.

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Photographic Etching at Green Door

At Green Door, we specialise in three types of photographic etching. Traditionally, photographic etching is a highly toxic procedure, using various amounts of noxious and harmful chemicals.

Due to the ethos employed at Green Door, our techniques are radically different to that of the traditional methods used and more environmentally sound. By using dark room techniques, images are transferred to metal plates and developed as if they were a photograph. Although similar to photography, the methods and materials used can be considered radical and experimental. Photographic elements and hand drawn images can often be used and transferred using this technique.

Colour Techniques with Intaglio Printing

Short Course
Sat 29 June 2019 (11am – 4pm)
Sat 26 October 2019 (11am – 4pm)

£100 / £90 concessions

Photopolymer Etching

Weekend Course
Sat 12 & Sun 13 October 2019 (11am – 3pm)

£160 / £145 concessions

Solar Plate Etching

Weekend Course
Sat 22 & Sun 23 June 2019 (11am – 3pm)
Sat 21 & Sun 22 September 2019 (11am – 3pm)

£180 / £165 concessions