In Motion

24 July – 28 September 2019

A solo exhibition by Clare Morgan.

Beginning with the imagery of falling figures in 2017; motion has been an ever present and significant feature of my work, initially to illustrate lack of control and uncertainty until the most recent work which is more about capturing the energy of being.

The transient nature of each moment as we move forward, traces of the marks left behind imprinted on the surface of the paper in vibrant hues, layered to reveal subtle shifts in colour underneath the illustrated figures.

Often fragmented they reveal our vulnerability, the beauty in accepting this and an acknowledgement that this is how we grow.

Only one thing in life is certain, and that is that life is uncertain.

I hope my work can act as a reminder to take hold of the present and enjoy it, to enrich every day by embracing moments and try to live to your true purpose, life isn’t static, we are always in motion and there is growth even in the most uncertain of times.

in motion

24 July - 28 September 2019


Green Door Printmaking Studio
Banks Mill Studios
71 Bridge Street


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