Mono Bot – Duo Bot

16 April – 17 June 2011

An exhibition by up and coming Derby artist Martin Hyde, as part of his ‘The Visitors’ series. The works feature characters which blur the line between human and clockwork forms which is reflected in the expressive nature of the work and the delicate translucent Chinese paper they are created on. Wildly original, with a vast array of marks and textures, and produced with experimental Monoprint techniques, the works are unlike anything you are likely to have seen before. The pieces carry Martin’s trademark melancholic oddness and humor, but are unlike any of his previous exhibited works which includes: The Hair Days, Dead Good Kids, and The Visitors series. All of the works were produced at Green Door Printmaking Studio.


16 April – 17 June 2011


Derby Cathedral Coffee House
18-19 Iron Gate


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