Night Roses

17 June – 12 August 2011

A solo exhibition by Tony Hall.

Night Roses is a small exhibition of drypoint prints; each print depicts one, two or more roses, drawn from life. The images are drawn with a metal point onto a copper plate which is then inked and printed on an etching press. Each image was drawn in a single session, most taking around three hours. The reflectiveness of the plate surface makes it difficult to see the marks as the drawing progresses, so that the success or failure of what has been done is not apparent until the image is finally printed. The prints on display are the results of hopeful attempts to grasp and transmit some trace of how one rose, or a bunch of roses, appeared on a particular date, at night, in a corner of a room, as time and gravity did their work. The exhibition was selected from a group of around twenty images produced in April and May 2011 and printed at, and with thanks to, Green Door Printmaking Studio.


17 June – 12 August 2011


Derby Cathedral Coffee House
18-19 Iron Gate


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