Time & Motion

13 September – 4 November 2017

Green Door Printmaking Studio is proud to present, ‘Time & Motion’, a solo exhibition by Gil Paris. The exhibition is comprised of etchings and mixed media drawings by Gil, created over a period of 15 months, exploring the themes of both time and motion.

Utilising mark making and dynamic perspectives, the work represents the concept of dramatic motion, where split second actions and slow movement over a vast amount of time are fully illustrated and captured, offering an interesting look at the drama created by the passing of time and shifts in movement.

“This exhibition contains line etching prints (with some aquatint additions) and a few mixed media drawings which broadly explore the theme Time and Motion. All work has been done at Green Door Printmaking Studio over the past 15 months or so. Some images are very obviously about rapid movement – figures in motion where movement is fast and dramatic and where action happens in a split second, whilst in other images the subject is more about slow movement over time such as we would see in an Eclipse.

In every work though I have tried to capture what it would feel like to be within that imagined scene. All the scenes are imaginary situations and when working on them I take big liberties with perspective, scale, proportion, and light in order to try to get the effect I want – which I suppose is to achieve a kind of vitality and alternative reality that conveys the experience of a situation rather than just its appearance. Here and there I hope to have come close to capturing the joy and drama of movement.”


13 September – 4 November 2017


Green Door Printmaking Studio
Banks Mill Studios
71 Bridge St


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