Studio Facilities

Our studio is fully equipped with facilities for etching, screen printing, relief printing and dark room methods. 

We currently occupy three studio spaces on the ground floor of Banks Mill Studios.

Screen Printing Studio

Studio 0.2

Our screen printing studio hosts our screen preparation and printing facilities. We currently have three working vacuum presses installed, each having their own enclosed working space and drying rack.

We also have a range of screen sizes and mesh counts to rent as part of your session (from A5 – A0, 55T – 120T).

Intaglio Studio

Studio 0.3

Our intaglio studio hosts our facilities for Acrylic Resist Etching, Collography, Drypoint on Copper, Monotype and Waterless Lithography. We stock Caligo and Hawthorn intaglio inks as well as specialist rollers and tools for printing. We have a paper soak sink and blotters for printing with cotton-rag based papers. Additionally, our designated sinks for etching and metal preparation have a filtration system installed to ensure that any water going back into the drainage will be safe for the environment.

Relief Studio

Studio 0.3

Our relief studio hosts our facilities for book making as well as relief processes (lino, blind embossing and woodblock). We stock Caligo relief inks in a wide range of colours as well as specialist rollers and tools for relief printing.

Dark Room

Studio 0.4

Our Dark Room facilities include a UV exposure unit, used for both photographic etching and screen printing techniques. We also stock and sell Photopolymer Film worldwide, which is available at a discounted rate to members of the studio. Our dark room also doubles-up as our general store room for stock and additional materials.

Kitchen / Office / Library

Studio 0.4

This studio is also the location of our kitchen and office space, including our printmaking library that we lovingly refer to as ‘Alethe’s Library’ (named after Alethe Barber, a member and great friend of the studio who sadly passed away in 2014).

Our Equipment

Teddy (foreground)

‘Teddy’ is our small-scale nipping press. Teddy was lovingly named by Alethe Barber (the same lady whom our library is attributed) and is most often used for small-scale lino printing as well as bookbinding.

Platen size: 30cm x 25cm

Previously owned by Noel-Baker School

Evil Slicey (background)

‘Evil Slicey’ is our small-scale paper guillotine, named by Pan after she witnessed how sharp his blade is! Evil slicey, as the name would suggest, is a guillotine, and due to his nature is a staff-use only piece of equipment.

Previously owned by The Labour Party Headquarters, Charnwood Street


Large format Hampson, Bettridge and Company Ltd. nipping press. This press was gifted to the studio when we were first setting up and used to reside in the original printmaking facilities of the University of Derby’s Green Lane Campus. Our nipping press is probably used most frequently as a relief printing press for lino and woodblock.

Platen size: 64cm x 48cm

Previously owned by the University of Derby


This was the first press we acquired when setting up Green Door, and over a decade on it is still going strong as the most used press in the studio!

Bed size: 46cm x 84cm

Designed and developed by Art Equipment Ltd

Adapted Victorian Mangle Press

When this Victorian mangle was first built, little did its designers know that it would be converted years later and used as an intaglio press! Still featuring its original wooden rollers (though, now steel plated!) and features, we now use this press primarily for our collography and waterless lithography techniques.

Bed size: 44cm x 86cm

Adapted for Green Door


Large format E.M.U.S. Elite screen press with vacuum and printing arm. This press is suitable for both paper and textile printing and can hold a screen up to A1 in size.

Bed size: 132cm x 95cm

Previously owned by Martin Maywood


Medium format screen press with vacuum. Nicknamed ‘Noisy Nora’ because this press’ vacuum is rather loud! This press is suitable for printing onto paper and can hold a screen up to A2 in size.

Bed size: 84cm x 72cm

Gifted to the studio by an annonymous donor

Miller & Richards Guillotine

Large format paper guillotine (currently awaiting new sharpened blades).

Platen width: 46cm

Gifted to the studio by Arvon Wellen


Edward is our sheet metal guillotine used for cutting plates to size prior to creating etchings or drypoint. Edward’s blade is very sharpe and cuts through metal like butter using a foot pedal. Use of this guillotine is limited to those members who have first been inducted for safety reasons.

Platen width: 65cm

UV Exposure Unit

Our Theimer Copymat UV exposure unit with vacuum installed safe-light. This unit is suitable for exposing photographic etching plates (up to in size) and screens (up to A1 in size).

Bed size: 73cm x 63cm

Large Drying Rack

Large format drying rack that can hold sizes up to A0.

Each rack measures: 106cm x 81cm

Previously owned by Noel-Baker School

Small Drying Rack

Small format drying rack that can hold sizes up to A3.

Each rack measures: 61cm x 40cm

Previously owned by Noel-Baker School

Screens for Hire

We have a large range of prepared screens for screen printing, from A5 – A1, available for sessional hire by our members. Our screens meshes range from 55T – 100T. We also host regular re-meshing sessions for members and public who would like to refresh old screens. Members of the studio are also invited to store their own screens at the studio for ease of use.

Hire price: £5 per session (plus materials). Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to sell these screens to members but they are available for regular use during pre-booked sessions.

Apple iMac

– A wireless internet connection
– Adobe Photoshop software

HP All-in-one A3 Printer/Scanner

Lovingly called ‘Inigo Montoya’. Used primarily for creating acetates for photographic etching and screen printing processes (we stock these in A4 and A3).

Materials and Sundries

We stock a small range of specialist cotton-rag based printmaking papers including Hahnemuhle, Somerset and Fabriano. We also stock metal (copper and zinc) and other printmaking sundries which can be purchased from the studio.

Green Door Printmaking Studio
Banks Mill Studios
71 Bridge Street

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