Work Placement Application




Each year Green Door Printmaking Studio offers a limited number of week-long work placements at its studio in Banks Mill Studios, Derby to students aged 14 – 18 currently on an arts-based course (GCSE, BTEC, AS/A Level).

Because the environment in an open access fine art printmaking workshop is quite unlike that found in the usual office or retail placement locations, Green Door has developed a proactive approach to candidate selection that we hope ensures that those accepted are the students most likely to benefit from the experience we offer.

As part of the application process the student is asked to choose from a selection of project proposals. If called for interview the student will then have the opportunity to present their initial response to the proposal and negotiate an agreed project brief. During the work placement the student will then be required to produce print-based work to meet the brief of their assigned project.

The successful candidate will therefore be the student that can demonstrate the discipline and self-motivation to produce work of high quality during the work placement and with a serious intent to study art at a higher level. Previous experience of printmaking is, however, not essential.

If you would like to apply for a work placement with Green Door, please complete and send this application form. If successful, you may also be asked to provide additional visuals of your work and be available to attend an interview for the placement.

Please note the applications for 2019 are now closed. If you would like to apply for 2020, please complete the form below.

The Application Process

Step 1
Complete and send this Application Form. You will be asked to nominate a tutor to attend during the studio during your work placement week as well as select a project to work towards.

Step 2
If your application is successful, a member of Green Door Printmaking Studio staff will contact you (via your email address) to request examples of your work and arrange an interview (date & time).

Step 3
In the time preceding your interview you should complete the preliminary planning stage for your selected project (begin researching and producing sketches towards your project).

Step 4
During the interview you will be required to present your preliminary project research and demonstrate how you intend to develop it during your work placement.

Step 5
At the end of the interview you will be told whether Green Door can offer you a work placement. If successful we will agree the dates for your work placement week and you will be provided a Parental/Guardian Consent Form (which, once completed, should be posted / emailed to Green Door before your work placement begins).

Your Details

Please provide information about yourself below for our records. These details will remain confidential in accordance with the data protection act.

Confirmation of attendance

Please note that it is a requirement of acceptance of a work placement with Green Door Printmaking Studio that a member of the school staff (preferably the student’s art teacher) attend during the student’s work placement week because it is Green Door's desire to link the selected work placement project with the Pupil's current studies.

Please ask for permission from your tutor / representative before nominating them.

Your arts background

Please provide a little information about your arts background and what interests you. Your responses to these questions will help us to determine why you are applying for a placement with us and give us more information about you, as an artist.

Please upload one image that you feel best showcases your artwork
Please give us some information about this piece of work

Your placement

Please let us know the details of your placement.

Please make sure you have researched appropriately prior to completing this section of the application.

Placement Interview

If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend an interview (approx. 1 hour) at Green Door. During your interview you will be asked to present a portfolio of your work and discuss your selected project and printmaking process. These interviews are conducted on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

Project selection

Please select one project (A, B or C) from the list below that will form a starting point towards the work you produce whilst on your work placement.

Consider carefully how this project will inform your current studies (please ask your Art tutor for guidance if you have any questions about this part of the application form).

Preliminary planning stage


You will be required to research the available print techniques and select one to learn during your work placement, justify your choice during your interview and explain how it complements the concept you have developed for your project.

Project A: Words & Phrases

Please select a word or phrase from the following list. You will be required to develop concepts based on your selection to form a body of print-based work during your work placement week.

Project B: Artists & Printmakers

Please select one artist / printmaker from the following list. You will be required to develop concepts inspired by the print work of your chosen artist / printmaker to form a body of print-based work of your own during your work placement week.

Project C: Illustrated Tales

This project is aimed at applicants who are interested in Illustration and/or Graphic Design. The outcome of the project is the creation of an image or sequence of images to visually interpret a piece of writing of your choice. You will be required to develop concepts based on your chosen album or production to form a body of print-based work during your work placement week.