Contentment in Old Age 2

Contentment in Old Age


When my curiosity is piqued by an object or idea that captivates me, I am compelled to search for a deeper understanding of the source of that captivation. Engaging with process becomes the means of making enquiry, thus satisfying my need to interact kinaesthetically. I love the freedom and unpredictability of being led intuitively as I make-- asking what the work needs, then allowing the answers to rise to the surface, whisper or roar, my hand guided by the will of the work. I listen. And then I make what wants to be heard.

I work in a variety of mediums and am currently exploring printmaking and mixed media. I am enthused by the texture and colours of oil paints, the delicacy of watercolour, the interconnectedness of collage, the intrigue of layers, the freshness and immediacy of printmaking.

This collection of prints, The Poet’s Path, is a glimpse into the life of Matsuo Basho, a 17th century Japanese poet. Basho is credited with elevating and refining Haiku verse, and creating the poetic form of Haibun, in which the prose of travel diaries and individual Haiku poems are presented as a unified whole.