Reduction Linocut



Celebration was a simple and authentic idea, one that came from a place of no prior intentions, being a first big project and multi layered reduction print in addition to its large scale. With the process spanning months, many mistakes were made and lessons learned, with the piece expressing this itself, in the clear improvements visible, layer by layer.

Learning as the project progressed, inspiration was taken from outside ideas however, ultimately much was serendipitous throughout, including the first drawing, the colour choices and even the title. Constrained by time, it is unironic in its beauty, as much of the end piece was instinctive and not intricately thought through, planned or previously imagined. It was a lesson in not overthinking, as was also the case with the title - fitting yet completely unintentional. Celebration is the perfect appreciation for a joyful image, and wonderful final outcome of the process.


Reduction Linocut



An ambitious project of 9 five layer prints, with the theme and title of this exhibition focusing on climate, sustainability and nature. After many years of feeling demoralised by the response to activism and progressive ideas, traces of wonder takes a different angle to the often cynical and angered responses, in the form of joy and serendipity from small moments, which feels hopeful, fresh and helps maintain the positivity necessary for change. Still keeping the bleak reality of climate injustice at the forefront, the prints are grayscale, with elements highlighted by colour, representing the multitudinous nature of human emotion, stemming from the world that surrounds us. Not only are nature, hope and connection explored, but irony, brutal honesty and humour are also depicted and highlighted with minimalist colour.

Keeping the earnestness and authenticity embedded in the series was of utmost importance, due to a curated title and theme, in addition to a thought-out process and plan for the prints. This was achieved by taking direct inspiration from photos taken months and years before any artistic ideas were formed. Photos that at first viewing may not appear extraordinary or particularly meaningful, are now highlighted and collated with other images, creating a collection in which the linking factor is in the coloured aspects that bring focus to the joyous elements. Almost all images used were highly subjective interpreted moments.