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Solar Plate Etching



By examining the trace of ‘humanity’ or the ‘ideology of humanity’, the work looks at portrayals of the human figure, from various ages and moments, exploring the tenuous link to what being human means as well as who it applies to. From strangers, to family and friends, the aspect of being human is conveyed and examined, portraying the fragility, calm and brittleness of moments of memory, whilst exploring the trace roots and threads between what it means to be actually human.

Steven Allen is a freelance illustrator and printmaker, originally from Wolverhampton but currently based in Derby.

Coming from a background in animation, Steven has always been fascinated with the human form and characteristics. Steven often focuses primarily on expressions in portraiture and the portrayal of the individual; observing and studying mannerisms, features and situations. He draws from both life experiences and his imagination when composing his illustrations and prints.