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Figurative Fancies

17 July – 16 Sept 2020
Christine Stangroom & Marie Theresa South


An exhibition by Christine Stangroom & Marie Theresa South


The figurative beauty of the natural world meets the fanciful imaginings of the sleeping mind in this exhibition. This exhibition tells stories from the dream world and actuality. The Figurative element allows the viewer to readily recognize the topics portrayed by Chrissie and Marie. The work allows the viewer to meet some real and imagined beings either close up or in their surroundings.


Christine Stangroom – Artist’s Statement

My most recent work is based on Draumskrok (the Danish word for ‘dream nonsense’) informed by my numerous dream journals, which I have been keeping for many years.

As my dreams are very involved, colourful and vivid, it can be a puzzle deciding on which object, person, creature or feature within the dream to depict, or whether to use a more abstract approach to show the essence of the dream. I have looked at the work of the Surrealists most of my life but that does not help much!

I have dreamt in great detail for as long as I can remember. Some dreams are like sagas, serials or blockbuster movies, but it’s often the small details which stay with me. It was the Horse Dream eighteen years ago which kickstarted my habit of recording my nocturnal sleep adventures in a journal.

Scientists and psychologists have differing views on the purpose of dreaming. I have no expertise in dream interpretation, but still find them fascinating. When they are written down and reread years later I can visualise them just as the original. In my mind, I am back in that place…

Much of my previous work has addressed presence in absence, traces, spirit of place, nostalgia and memories. The representation of a person and/or their memories, by an object, a place or a building, is a device I have used repeatedly. So I guess the selection of part of a dream for this body of work is not such a departure for me. The human mind unbound by wakefulness is a wonderful and surprising source of ideas.

My dreams are full of friends and strangers and sometimes strangers who feel like friends. I meet creatures of many kinds and abilities. I visit homes and places both familiar and unfamiliar (or a combination of both). Experiencing time travel and being a different age or gender from reality are not unusual. Flying is possible using a breastroke swimming action.

During a period of ‘artist’s block’ I decided to consult my dream journals for ideas and inspiration. In this exhibition my prints show a glimpse of just a few of my many dreams.

I have used various printmaking techniques to achieve the desired results (I favour the least toxic methods) including acrylic resist etching, drypoint and collagraph. I usually make my plates here at Green Door and print at home on my etching press (fondly known as Emily Maria).

‘Joy Dance Dream’ by Christine Stangroom (Acrylic Resist Etching w/ Spit Bite)


Marie Theresa South – Artist’s Statement

My inspiration comes from both the wildlife and natural and man-made forms in my surroundings, particularly the Derbyshire countryside and the small village where I live. My response is created through line and mark making using a variety of techniques to produce figurative work. I love going from an initial idea and sketches, to compose a picture and then moving on to paint or print it. It is very satisfying to see an idea come to fruition in a frame!

I paint mainly in watercolours and acrylic, make felted wool pictures and use a variety of print making methods, including block printing, serigraphic and intaglio. I enjoy learning and practicing the technical challenges in print making, in addition to making an imaginative interpretation of wildlife and countryside topics.

I etch at home on aluminium using a non toxic method and also make screen prints, lino prints, wood block and collagraphs. I can print small prints at home using a jack press built for me by my husband; larger and more complex ones are printed here at Green Door, where I can also obtain help and advice .

Each technique adds its own features to an idea. I also enjoy photography and find that photography, printmaking, felting and painting complement each other. . I will sometimes explore the same idea using different techniques such as painting, felting and using various printing methods, as shown in the examples displayed. I have had great fun exploring my interpretation of the real world around me and hope that you will enjoy viewing these pictures.

In 2019, I challenged myself to exhibit in juried exhibitions run by some Midland art galleries and was thrilled to have work accepted for the Harley Gallery biennial, two Royal Birmingham Society of Artists exhibitions and the Sock Gallery Summer and Winter Exhibitions. I also took part in the two Buxton “en plein air” competitions. In addition I still enjoy exhibiting locally, with Ashby Art Club, Ashby Festival and Derby Sketch Club.

This year I continue working to develop my printing and textile art skills. You can see a selection of my work on my website,

‘Baa!’ by Marie Theresa South (Etching on Somerset)


17 July - 16 Sept 2020

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