The Persistence of Endurance


The Persistence of Endurance is an exploration of the symbiotic relationship that exists between photography and print, as seen through the work of contemporary printmakers from Green Door Printmaking Studio. Printmaking has both adapted to and absorbed the digital format; linking our need to both conserve and reproduce the creative narrative. This exhibition seeks to reflect the evolution of the photographic form in print, both showcasing the historic endurance of these printmaking techniques as well as the tenacity of the modern printmaker.


Exhibiting Artists:
James Hall
Alan Jenkins
Anna Johnson
Clare Morgan
Sarah Roach
Clef Skyers-Aakerstrom
Barbara Smith
Christine Amber Stangroom


In association with the Format Festival





Green Door Printmaking Studio
Corridor Space
Banks Mill Studios
71 Bridge St

6th March – 13th April 2019
11am – 3pm (closed Tues & Sun)