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Green Door Printmaking Studio is run on a not-for-profit basis. All of our printmaking tutors are master printmakers who volunteer their time to create a supportive learning environment within the studio. 

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Anna Johnson

Creative Director, Tutor

Anna’s work is influenced by her psyche, her interest in chance happenings and her Viking roots. She works predominantly using both photographic and acrylic resist etching, incorporating both digital and hand drawn elements.


Pandora Johnson

Administrator, Technician, Tutor

Pan works predominantly with screen printing, often creating her illustrations first using hand drawn and manually created textures which are then combined with digitally composed elements. Pan’s work is influenced by her interest in Eastern design and pattern, a sense of the fantastical and her love of mark making.


Steven Allen

Communications Manager, Tutor

Steven's work often relates to surreal and exaggerated caricature, focusing on figures and forms, traditionally drawn and inked before finally being transposed to print.


Harriet Merry

Guest Tutor

Harriet is an illustrator who started printmaking as a way to develop sketchbook themes taken from her daily observational drawing. As well as working with traditional methods such as etching and aquatint, she is currently exploring new areas of printmaking such as tetrapak and kitchen lithography which suit her fascination with daily life and the mundane.


Alan Jenkins

Guest Tutor

Alan's artist origins are as a sculptor. Playing with physical materials,using landscape, seascape and nature as inspiration. The working process creates themes to develop, combining memory, imagination and reality.


Matt Edwards

Guest Tutor

Matt is a conservation bookbinder using traditional methods and work with artists on creative projects. He has also been fascinated with origami for many years and loves the challenge of making complex models from a simple square of paper.