Beauty In Decay

4 May – 30 July 2010

One man show by local artist and Green Door member Kevin A Pickering.

‘Weather, rust, heat and the passage of time produce textures and colours, which are both transient and ephemeral yet often stunning. As nature overcomes mans best efforts we often find true beauty’.

The six prints on display are a selection from an ongoing series of work based on the theme of ‘Beauty In Decay’.

The work examines the effects of nature on man-made objects and the changes to surfaces that result from the decaying process in its various forms.
From the rusting hulk left abandoned in the West of Ireland to the decay of ripples produced by raindrops falling on water in Darley Park.

Each print is one of a limited edition of five hand-pulled signed and numbered collograph prints on archival Fabriano paper.


4 May – 30 July 2010


Derby Cathedral Coffee House
18-19 Iron Gate


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