Figurative Fancies

17 July – 16 Sept 2020
Christine Amber Stangroom & Marie Theresa South

The figurative beauty of the natural world meets the fanciful imaginings of the sleeping mind in this exhibition. This exhibition tells stories from the dream world and actuality. The Figurative element allows the viewer to readily recognize the topics portrayed by Christine and Marie. The work allows the viewer to meet some real and imagined beings either close up or in their surroundings.

figurative fancies

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About the Artist(s)

Christine Amber Stangroom
My most recent work is based on Draumskrok (the Danish word for ‘dream nonsense’) informed by my numerous dream journals, which I have been keeping for many years. As my dreams are very involved, colourful and vivid, it can be a puzzle deciding on which object, person, creature or feature within the dream to depict, or whether to use a more abstract approach to show the essence of the dream. I have looked at the work of the Surrealists most of my life but that does not help much!

Marie Theresa South
My inspiration comes from both the wildlife and natural and man-made forms in my surroundings, particularly the Derbyshire countryside and the small village where I live. My response is created through line and mark making using a variety of techniques to produce figurative work. I love going from an initial idea and sketches, to compose a picture and then moving on to paint or print it. It is very satisfying to see an idea come to fruition in a frame!


17 July - 16 Sept 2020




Green Door Printmaking Studio
Banks Mill Studios
71 Bridge Street


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