Aylish Giamei

I am a relative newcomer to printmaking having no formal art education. I started by attending courses experimenting with several different printmaking techniques. I became very quickly hooked. I love the delicious thick inky blackness of printmaking ink, the technical challenge of finding an appropriate process with which to communicate my ideas and the element of surprise when the first proof is revealed after running through the press.

I see numerous parallels between my day job as a veterinary surgeon and my work as a printmaker. Both require technical skill, close observation and attention to detail. Pattern recognition, creativity and problem solving are important elements of both activities.

Perhaps predictably my professional life heavily influences my creative process. There are two main threads to my work. The first is figurative or illustrative work featuring animals as subjects. As this work progresses I am planning to take a deeper look into the position of animals in human society as well as myths and folklore surrounding animals.

The second direction my work takes is more abstract and is influenced by medical and scientific imagery. I am currently working on a series of prints inspired by related patterns in microscopic, macroscopic and telescopic views of the natural and man-made environment. The process of making this work involves repetitive mark making which is a meditative process. This brings me joy and relief (pun intended!) from the stress of the day job.

I am only at the beginning of my creative journey and I’m very excited to continue my exploration.