Lucy Farrow

I am a local young artist, who uses multitude of creative mediums, including printmaking, ceramics, Fine art, embroidery, Photography.. and I’m interested in many other creative forms such as poetry, film, theatre, music, literature too. I try to combine these (and many more) as much as possible to create, and generate inspiration for, my work and I hope to continue to further widen my creative skills in the future.

When it comes to my work itself, in any form, I aspire to create pieces that challenge others, inspiring wonder and curious observation, through capturing the purest honesty and everyday beauty, in the life I experience around me. I aim to have a depth, rather than a breadth, of impact with my work and I’m forever trying to further learn about and question the world we live in, being very passionate in both psychology and philosophy. I also hope to one day have my own exhibition.