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Green Door Printmaking Studio is actively working to create a supportive, vibrant and diverse local printmaking community.


Since Green Door Printmaking Studio was first established, it has been our main target to nurture and support our artists. It is a natural side-effect of printmaking that it draws people from all backgrounds and practices and joins them together into a vibrant and supportive community.

Unlike a lot of other creative pursuits that can become solitary, printmaking in an open access environment can be a communal and often surprisingly inspiring and rewarding activity.

At Green Door, we actively promote printmaking and our printmakers, helping them to develop their individual practices and creativity. We maintain a friendly and sensitive approach to all of our artists and through mentoring and Anna’s background in Art Therapy are able to bring together a wide range of people to work in our studio.

We are also interested in supporting our local small businesses and creative endeavours.

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In Memory...

David Michael Johnson

David (Anna's husband and Pandora's father) was a musician and writer with a strong belief in socialism and the arts. In fact, if not for David's encouragement and support, Green Door Printmaking Studio would not exist.

David was the founder of our International Print Exchange project but was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after our first exchange was completed, and after a precious few months with his family around him, he sadly passed away on 4th June 2010.

Unfortunately, David's sudden illness took away his chance of ever seeing the fruition of our second IPE in late 2010, nor any other subsequent exchanges.

Even though David is no longer with us, we have continued his legacy and every year we dedicate each exchange in his memory.

2009.09.18 009

Alethe Barber

Alethe was an fine artist, philosopher and printmaker. During her membership of the studio she specialised in etching and photographic methods, and regularly exhibited her artwork.

Her work was inspired by the universe and her experience of the world - "...existing as we do at specific coordinates within historical time – and the ideas and interpretations that I and others come up with in our attempt to give meaningful interpretations to our experiences."

Alethe was an amazing woman who inspired everyone around her, and she will be greatly missed by everyone at Green Door Printmaking Studio.


Music of the Spheres

A sound installation by the artist Alethe Barber. Film by Kevin A. Pickering.

‘Alethe’s Lament’ - Rehearsal (17th May 2014)

As part of the launch evening of our International Print Exchange 2009-2013 exhibition at Artsmith LIVE we hosted a special performance dedicated to the wonderful Alethe. As our small tribute to her, members of Green Door collaberated to create a fusion of music, dance and film performed by Walt Shaw, Alan Jenkins and Pandora Johnson with Joanna Geldard.


Sarah Bithell

Sarah was always a ray of happiness in our studio, bringing positivity wherever she went. Her work was truly inspirational, often drawing on her relationship with her personal experience of living with cystic fibrosis.

In her own words, “I am not afraid to show the vulnerable aspects of myself in my work, such as my battles with self-esteem, illness and grief. Tapping into art should allow oneself to escape.”

Sarah's personal ethos that 'art should be for all' influenced her work as our voluntary events officer where she regularly encouraged members to take part in fairs and outreach to further art in the community.

Sarah’s family have asked for donations to be made to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in her memory. Sarah herself often donated the proceeds of her artwork to this organisation, to raise awareness, fund research and help others who are affected by CF.


Sarah providing screen printing demonstrations at the Derby Mini Maker Faire.


Original screen print and self-portrait by Sarah Bithell, entitled 'Tick-Tock'.


Sarah often volunteered to host stalls on behalf of our printmakers to promote their work.