Liquid Photographic Gravure

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About this process

Photographic Etching is a process in which a positive image is transferred on to a prepared, metal plate and etched into the superstructure, thereby creating a negative composition on the plate, which can then be inked, wiped and printed in the traditional way. After the desired number of prints have been made, the metal plate can then be re-used to create new prints, if needed.

This technique is another version of photographic etching, in which a liquid photographic ground is rolled on to a metal plate’s surface and then subsequently exposed to U.V. light through specially prepared digital imagery.

Whether you use purely photographic artwork, hand drawn or a combination of both liquid photo resist etching is used to produce a printable etched plate.

Unlike the photopolymer technique where the film layer itself is used as the print matrix the liquid photographic ground is actually used as a resist and you etch your image into the metal plate. This means that once etched the plate can be printed as is or further worked if you wish. Also because you have a metal print matrix you can produce larger editions if desired.

Through the manipulation of your artwork you can achieve either a very photographic result (Like traditional photo gravures) or if you wish you can create a punchier image that has a more graphic quality.

How to book

If you are interested in undertaking a this process as a tailored course at Green Door, please get in touch with us. If you would like to discuss your project, we highly recommend that you arrange a date to come into the studio in order to discuss your course beforehand so we can learn more about your aims. To confirm your booking you will need to complete an online booking form and provide a minimum 50% (non-refundable) deposit.

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Course Duration

8 hours (over two days)
including lunch breaks

Course Tutor

Anna Johnson

Advanced Course


All materials and notes are included in the price of this workshop. You will need to have prior experience of Etching in order to undertake this course.

For details about what to prepare before for your course begins, please read through our How to Prepare page.


One-to-One (£240)

Our regular rate is applicable if you are currently in full or part time employment.

Group (£720)

If you would like to book this course as a personalised workshop with family or friends, please note, flat rate prices quoted are for groups of between 2-4 participants.

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Concessions & Students

Concessionary Rate £215
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Student Rate £185
Our student rate is applicable if you are aged 13+ years, and in full-time education or currently studying towards an undergraduate or post-graduate degree.

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